Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wedd +open hse =gathering with frenz ^_^

wow!! its been a while since i last blogging!! hahaha~ well~~ kinda bz with work.. as busy as bees.. ^_^ i've been busy with visits and also management work sampai raya pown tak enjoy!! hahah but Alhamdulillah, last week during Deepavali I had chance to meet my frenz during adib n ernie's wedding n also fry's open house~ its good to at last, we get the oppurtunity to gather together, talk to each other bout life, works, laugh bout silly thing..hug n kisses also (girls only ^_^) heheh.. n i got to spent time with my sayang, en.rico also~!!! yeayyyy

Around 12.30 that day, tiha, hana n sara came to my house n we konvoi along with my sayang to ernie's hse in sec 28 shah alam.. when we arrived our collegues sma dah ada~ fidal, amir, ikram, yun, megat, shareez,ruby, kamal illa, sam dan ramai lagi bersama pasangan masing2 heheh i went to illa terus for a hug!! coz rindu giler!! heheh then sayang's colleague pown ada.. ain, azura, apzya n ramai lagi.. lama gila tak jumpa ain!! heheh lepas makan we went for photoshoot sementara tunggu pengantin.. heheh pas pengantin bersanding, around 3 o clock me n my saya beredar to fry's hse pula for his open hse~

When we arrived at fry's hse, zara was waiting for us.. we wait for shy n amin before we grab something to eat.. as usual fry's dad n mom's was there n they were so nice.. hahha terkena gak ngan ayah fry pasal kawen time kenalkan rico!! ;p (padahal ayah dia kenal je rico~~ uncle saja taw... ) every year bila open hse zafry mesti besh coz parents dia sgtla fun, his dad yang sgt sporting, suka mengusik n love to talk bout life n intelectual things, his mom dengan cerita bout life yang menyayat hati.. i just love them!! uncle tak abis2 ngusik tanya bila nak kawen!! abis blush2 saya~!! hahah pastu asik puji2 rico hahahah sib bek en rico tu gelap kalau tak , sure blush!! hahahha ;p n then uncle tak abis2 tanya wan soalan pasal kerja yang everytime wan jawab pon still tak dpt satisfy uncle~!! hhaa it was fun!! :) nadiah arrived a lil bit late, then as usual we had our phototshoot session ;p . around 5 o clock me, sayang, nadiah n yaya pplan nak ke rumah cikgu kesayangan kami cikgu rushaimi ( she was my inspiration during my school time, bcoz of her i LOVE Chemistry n decided to take Chemistry for my Degree) but she wasnt at home.. we shud have called her before.. :( huhuhu then, we split me n my sayang went to midval, kononnya nak tgk movie but end up tgk jalan2 je n then mkn sushi!! yeayyy hhehehhe

I had lotsa fun that day!! thanx to sayang for spending his time with me, thanks n congratz to adib n ernie for ur wedding n thanks to fry for the open hse invitation ^_^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


semangat patriotik kami!



cam dak skolah!!


the first day!

omg!! dah lama giler i tak tulis blog~ hahha well.. after raya aritu.. been bz with work.. rite after raya trus ke sarawak untuk kerja.. n right after balik sarawak trus ke melaka for kursus kenegaraan (birotatanegara) aka BTN.. KUrsus ni wajib utk penjawat awam bagi kenaikan pangkat.. so tengah2 mood raya ni i went there dengan hati yang separa rela.. honestly, sebelum pergi BTN, i thot BTN ni tak perlu.. buat penat je.. but then AFTER abis BTN i think, all Malaysian SHOULD go to BTN.. semangat yang dipupuk sewaktu di sana sangatlah berharga.. selama ni i am the kind yang tak pernah kisah pasal isu semasa especially politik dan SEJARAH malaysia.. but then, bile pi kursus ni n didedahkan dengansejarah2 yang ada.. brulah SEDAR betapa pentingya SEJARAH MALAYSIA dan hal ehwal semasa dalam negara ni.. it makes me realize that as rakyat we shud KNOW bout history of our country.. jgn membuat keputusan dengan mendengar kata2 org tanpa mengerti atau mengetahui sesatu itu by FACTS!! as my fasilitator said, TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA, thus, it is our own responsibiliy as rakyat to KNOW our country n to know everything that happened rather than to make asumptions by listening to other people with no facts at all!! BTN is not a brainwash session like everyone said.. its a session to get to know OUR HISTORY.. beleive it or not.. but SAYA SAYANG MALAYSIA!! MERDEKA!! ( for those who went to BTN with me they know what this means heheh)

Monday, September 14, 2009

meet the gurlz~ :)

the gurlz @ sushi king :)

the gurlz @ steven's corner afta the movie :P

with my sweet nana (first time jumpa tau!! )

my fave sushi ever!!

with our krispy creme recommended by chie babe~

me n my foods~!! yummy!

Last saturday was a blast!! I went to meet my gurlz~ (tiha, chie n nana). I went with Tiha and federal was fucking jammed!! Luckily she was driving .. Only if i WAS driving~!! sure cilok abis!! hahaha we were in the car for like 1 hour!! haihhhh.. Me n tiha rushed to SUSHI KING to make reservation but they wont let us book any place (unfair la konon) so dengan kecewanya we go n buy tickets for our movie~ we ended up tgk THE UGLY TRUTH :). Then, meet up with chie n nana at the movie.. punya lah excited masing2 tak pandang kiri kanan dah~! hahah after that we go jalan2 konon nk shop but i cant find the heels that i want so bad :(. We went to ZARA and i want the purple long sleeve shirt that chie said so lawa~!! but pikir2 tamau lak.. I tried posie tint at benefit n i was like "shud i buy??" no... dont!! hahaha. Then, Ash ( nana's bf & chie's bestfren) came n join us.. we went to sushi around 5!! can u believe it?? just to make sure we got the place!! hahahah while waiting.. me, chie n tiha decided to go n buy krispy creme since everybody was talking bout how good the original glazed was.. we went to jusco to buy onigiri and mooncake also!! (org puasa nafsu melampau ;p). After iftar we went for our movie n it was damn funny n sweet!! hahahah i cried~!! duhhh i kan ratu air mata ;pthen, we lepak at steven's until around 12 then balik~ I had a lot of fun that day~ n looking forward for the next hangout with the girls!! LOVE U GURLZZZ XOXO

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i miss them~ T-T

I dunno why.. but lately i keep on thinking bout my old life as a student..It happened when i saw an old pic of me, sue n illa together wearing black cloth masa dinner together.. (by the way its my profile pic on facebook) I really miss that moment.. i miss my frenzz especially illa n sue who are always by my side 24hrs.. we did everything together.. like what they commented on fb.. illa said: "we gosip2..kuar 3org..g mane2 tiga org..ponteng kelas same2.." sue said : "we tgk movie sama2.if tgk wyg hantu,jerit sama2 then pg tandas sama2 sbb takut.makan biskut kering cicah teh O sama2.makan PAMA sama2(sebab ila akan bgn dan terus cari PAMA). Bangun pagi sama2.gosok baju sama2.b'siap p class sama2.tunggu bas sama2.buat egg sandwiches sama2......semua sama2! =(" and its like i lost part of me the moment i left UTM for good.. they will always be the best thing i've ever had as a fren.. We did quarrel sometimes or angry at each other but deep inside we love each other, we support each other thro ups n down.. illa n sue knew every single thing bout me, they know what i've been thro in life, they accept me as who i am.. I am so thankful to have both of u in my life.. i wish i can spend more time with u guurls.. 3 yers is not enough hahhah now, sue is in sabah. She's so far away from me n illa.. ILLA, SUE thank u so much for being such a gud fren to me.. I'll cherish every moment of us together forever~!! FRENZ 4EVA XOXO

my bday :)

the cards layout :) so sweet~~

i love u too sayang ;p

mom's present

sayang's present
terharu ;p lol~

sayang kelaparan~

the foods~ yummy

last week, 3rd sept was my 24th bday~ hheheeh well at first i didnt enjoy being old.. i cried everytime i am a year older~ hahah pelik kan? i went out for iftar with my family.. mom gave me new perfume (be delicious blossom) and belanja makan, dad oso gave me rm *** hahah to shop~ blanje makan gak thanks papa.. and adik wish all the way from malacca and he promised nak bg belated bday present later :) (dah order pown)..no cakes.. i yang tak nak hahaha terasa tua~~ hahah just a simple celebration pown dah ok plus my bro wasnt around and i dun feel like celebrate it without him (been celebrate my bday with him selama ni). Thanks to all my frenz for all the wishes either from phone call, sms, email or facebook :) shayanngg korg!! on 5th September, i went out to midval to celebrat my bday with my sayang, en.rico :) he asked me out properly and gave me surprises~ he brought me to chilli's for dinner and he gave me purse from guess which is my fave~ thanks sayang :) again no cakes as we are too full to eat dessert ;p lol~ eventho we had some fight and misunderstood on the day and before my bday, after all i know he loves me.. that is all that matter~ :) Love u sayang ;p

buka puasa @ blue wave &italiannies :)

me n my mom~

yummy cakes~!!

sushi~!! my fave~ salmon yummy!


with my ut frenz~

wif hana

me n the controversy cloth~ lol~!

last week i went out for shopping with my frenz-illa,fidal and hana~ i tgk movie I LOVE U BETH COOPER ngan fidal n rico dulu... then baru shopping wif the gurlz.. mula2 plan nak teman je but i ended up bought 2 skinny, shirt, and oso some lingeries~!! and yang paling byk shop that day k~!! hahahha mmg dah addicted to shopping laaaaaa nanti kalau rajin i masukkan pic brg yg i beli~ except for the lingeries~~oops!! after shop tu ada tgkp gambar but my sayang wont let me upload it bcoz he said my baju is too sexy~ he even marah me n majuk ngan i masa kuar tu~! ;p lol~!! so, pic yang ada ngan i ni skit je.. n in facebook oso takkan diupload.. (sorry illa, hana n fidal) :( then, after that we iftar kat italiannies ngan nad, cy n her sis n oso noraini.. sangat kenyang n puas hati!!pas buka pose sempat lagi shopping k!~!! haihhhhh...

couple of weeks ago i went out iftar with my mom's officemate at blue wave hotel n sgttttt besh~!! there are varity of foods~! malays, chinese, japanese, western!~! sebut je nak apa smua ada n very delicious!! yummy..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

kerja~ lalalalla~ hari2 kerja~

skarang :)

dulu ;p
kanak2 ;p

today is a very tiring day.. i dunno why.. nak kata tak sahur, slalu tak sahur ok jee maybe sebab byk keje n byk pk.. heheheh dah lama giler tak update blog.. so i start with kerja dulu k~ nanti i update bout my bday n hangouts and so on`~~.. hmm arini sampai around 7, patut masuk keje at 8 o'clock tapi nak elak jam punya pasal so kuar 630 k~ pandai sgt tak amik pilihan masuk 730 :P bijak2~ then, pagi td meeting with my BKAB mate abour e-akreditasi.. byk keje nieh~~ hehhee sejak akhir2 ni asik nak marah2 je~ apsal tah~~ stress maybe!! hahaha sungguh tak sabar untuk cuti.. hmmm esok jadi pegawai bertugas~ receive call n entertain customer complains/requirement/question which i really dun like at all~~ cuz susah nak concerntrate on my work.. huhuhu what to do~~ work is work~! then it is my responsibility~ next week will be bz preparing MJA paper, updating status and also revisit~ and after raya LAGI bz!! right after raya on the 28th-30th i haf to go outstation to Sarawak.. then right after that on the 1st-5th oct BTN here i come~!!! then on the 6-7th Seremban, 11th Terengganu~!! giler tak?? hahahah dah nasib badan~ ;p.. cakap pasal kerja ni~ rasanya 1 and 1/2 yers kat cni rasa kejap je n i changed a lot!! hahah tak caya?? tgk pic2 ni :P

Monday, August 17, 2009

hangout+movie (the proposal)+sushi+bday yuki

focus lain~~ lain yg pose :p

wif babe chie~~


bday gurl~~

my sayang :) en.rico
chie's sayang~~:P en. fet

yummy ice cream~


arrival chiefet

fave pic~~

hungry me~~ :P

en fet n en rico manje2 :P

hmm~~ its been a few days.. too bz to write i guess :) hehehe well last 2 weeks i went to midval with bunch of lovely frenz n babes~~ we ate at sushi king~~ hehehe and of coz chie will introduce new food/ meal @ sushi which was delicious and for sure pasni i order~~ heheh while waiting for yuki n ifan dating :P we citer2 borak2~~ it was yuki's bday that day, me n rico bought her a teddy yang cute macam yuki :) eheheh sorry babe no proper celebration.. but it was glad to meet u~~ we watched the proposal which was awesome!!! *wink* and luckily the guys love 'em!! kan? :P there were moments were laughing like crazeee* me n chie siap terhantuk kepala k!! * chie nak tepuk my hand terpegang tgn rico and time tu mmg kelakar giler!!!! :P and there were also times where we cried :) mula2 sniff2 je pastu leleh abis nanges :P heheh sian lengan baju bf masing2 dibasahi air mata :P hahhaha. Eventho it happened in just a short time but i enjoyed spending time with korg~~ muahxxxx