Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, August 17, 2009

hangout+movie (the proposal)+sushi+bday yuki

focus lain~~ lain yg pose :p

wif babe chie~~


bday gurl~~

my sayang :) en.rico
chie's sayang~~:P en. fet

yummy ice cream~


arrival chiefet

fave pic~~

hungry me~~ :P

en fet n en rico manje2 :P

hmm~~ its been a few days.. too bz to write i guess :) hehehe well last 2 weeks i went to midval with bunch of lovely frenz n babes~~ we ate at sushi king~~ hehehe and of coz chie will introduce new food/ meal @ sushi which was delicious and for sure pasni i order~~ heheh while waiting for yuki n ifan dating :P we citer2 borak2~~ it was yuki's bday that day, me n rico bought her a teddy yang cute macam yuki :) eheheh sorry babe no proper celebration.. but it was glad to meet u~~ we watched the proposal which was awesome!!! *wink* and luckily the guys love 'em!! kan? :P there were moments were laughing like crazeee* me n chie siap terhantuk kepala k!! * chie nak tepuk my hand terpegang tgn rico and time tu mmg kelakar giler!!!! :P and there were also times where we cried :) mula2 sniff2 je pastu leleh abis nanges :P heheh sian lengan baju bf masing2 dibasahi air mata :P hahhaha. Eventho it happened in just a short time but i enjoyed spending time with korg~~ muahxxxx

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kawen..kawen..kawen..~~ lalalalala~~

dgn PN siti :)

ili's wedding

shy's akad nikah

ruby's wedd

syuhada's wedd

wif ruby

hanez wedd

ambil berkat :P

yun's wedd

siti rohani's wedd

The title is actually a short own song by my friend zara.. she used to sing it time matrix dulu~~ hhaahha well.. talking about weddings.. this coming sunday is shy's wedding.. cant wait for it.. Lots of my friend are married and getting married~~!!! beshnyaaa hhahaha my turn?? hahah dunno when.. lammmmbatttt lagi~~.. hhahaa bile pi tgk member2 kawen then suddenly terfikir.. were grown up already.. rasa macam kecik lagi.. cam tak caye je..heheh well, sumtimes i mish my school n study life... hahah were so innocent (yeke? :P) and were so naive.. (yeke? :P). We spend time with friends a lot.. we fight, we cry, we laugh.. but now it seems like a new chapter of our life where most of us work already.. too bz with our work and sometime we dun haf time to spend with frenz.. hmmm some of us are married n getting married and of coz there will be limited time to spend with frenz.. last week i went to shy's akad nikah whih was my first time to see my fren nikah.. and it was overwhelming.. zara cried so hard.. azreen cried oso.. hehhe but it was fun jugak tgk member nikah hehehhehe.. i attached also some of pics during my frenz wedding..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the beginning~~ TODAY!!

Raya 08 (black & white)

jalan2 cari makan~~


my convo!!

test baju skolah :P

last day in UTM

our hobby..
Raya 06 (in brown) -we love to wear same color during raya :)

raya 07 (in lovely pink)

@ beach-PD (in hawt red~~ :p)



hai!~~ hahaha finally i have my own blog~~!! yeay~~ hahahah never ever imagine i can actually spend time on this but dunno why all of a sudden, after reading a few blogs, teringin nak ada own blog.. hahah since i have some free time.. hahahah~~ well~~ for a beginning, today i am not as busy as always.. hahhaha finally i can actually feel the feeling of not being bz~~ relax jewww besh!!!. malam tadi tdo awal gile~~!! so arini takde keje bosan pula~~. ptg ni ada meeting for tomorrow's meeting~~ n best of all, today my lil bro is coming home~~!! . can't wait to see him!! i mish him damn much!! hahah can't beleive he grown up already!!.. always treat him like a lil bro but now i am acting like a lil sis to him~~ nice feeling~~ :). Here are some of my pics wif my one and only lil bro.. heheh LOVE him to death!! owh!! by the way i watched THE PROPOSAL!! and it was hillarious, fun, sweet, n sangat lah besh!! recommended for those who love ryan reynold of course!!! and who love romantic n fun movie!!. n of coz ryan reynold is blazing hot in that movie!! he's so cute n adorable!! heheheh. I went to the movie along with my sayang and my babessss.. in the movie gelak giler2 siap sampai terhantuk kepala ngan chie!! hahahah so funny!! n i am glad my bf laugh a lot while watching the movie (since i am the one who force him to watch it with me - thanks sayang~). Before went for a movie we hangout at sushi king~~ yeay!! mengidam sushi dah lepas!~ hehe n its actually yuki's bday~~ (HAPPY BDAY N CONRATS ON UR CONVOCATION YUKI!!).. hmm.. what else.. today macm tak byk benda berlaku selain my bro balik, hmmm looking forward for saturday coz cuti mau tdoooo~ n also sunday coz its SHY's and AMIN's wedding!!! yeah~~ cya ~!!!