Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the beginning~~ TODAY!!

Raya 08 (black & white)

jalan2 cari makan~~


my convo!!

test baju skolah :P

last day in UTM

our hobby..
Raya 06 (in brown) -we love to wear same color during raya :)

raya 07 (in lovely pink)

@ beach-PD (in hawt red~~ :p)



hai!~~ hahaha finally i have my own blog~~!! yeay~~ hahahah never ever imagine i can actually spend time on this but dunno why all of a sudden, after reading a few blogs, teringin nak ada own blog.. hahah since i have some free time.. hahahah~~ well~~ for a beginning, today i am not as busy as always.. hahhaha finally i can actually feel the feeling of not being bz~~ relax jewww besh!!!. malam tadi tdo awal gile~~!! so arini takde keje bosan pula~~. ptg ni ada meeting for tomorrow's meeting~~ n best of all, today my lil bro is coming home~~!! . can't wait to see him!! i mish him damn much!! hahah can't beleive he grown up already!!.. always treat him like a lil bro but now i am acting like a lil sis to him~~ nice feeling~~ :). Here are some of my pics wif my one and only lil bro.. heheh LOVE him to death!! owh!! by the way i watched THE PROPOSAL!! and it was hillarious, fun, sweet, n sangat lah besh!! recommended for those who love ryan reynold of course!!! and who love romantic n fun movie!!. n of coz ryan reynold is blazing hot in that movie!! he's so cute n adorable!! heheheh. I went to the movie along with my sayang and my babessss.. in the movie gelak giler2 siap sampai terhantuk kepala ngan chie!! hahahah so funny!! n i am glad my bf laugh a lot while watching the movie (since i am the one who force him to watch it with me - thanks sayang~). Before went for a movie we hangout at sushi king~~ yeay!! mengidam sushi dah lepas!~ hehe n its actually yuki's bday~~ (HAPPY BDAY N CONRATS ON UR CONVOCATION YUKI!!).. hmm.. what else.. today macm tak byk benda berlaku selain my bro balik, hmmm looking forward for saturday coz cuti mau tdoooo~ n also sunday coz its SHY's and AMIN's wedding!!! yeah~~ cya ~!!!


miss pumpkin (reen) said...

eeeeika....welcome to the club...hehehe


eika said...

heheh thanks reen~~

nadz said...

wahh.ika pandai main gitar ke?? cayalaahhh...

eika said...

NAD: pandai sket2 tu pun dulu~ hahah dah lama tak main ;p