Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, August 17, 2009

hangout+movie (the proposal)+sushi+bday yuki

focus lain~~ lain yg pose :p

wif babe chie~~


bday gurl~~

my sayang :) en.rico
chie's sayang~~:P en. fet

yummy ice cream~


arrival chiefet

fave pic~~

hungry me~~ :P

en fet n en rico manje2 :P

hmm~~ its been a few days.. too bz to write i guess :) hehehe well last 2 weeks i went to midval with bunch of lovely frenz n babes~~ we ate at sushi king~~ hehehe and of coz chie will introduce new food/ meal @ sushi which was delicious and for sure pasni i order~~ heheh while waiting for yuki n ifan dating :P we citer2 borak2~~ it was yuki's bday that day, me n rico bought her a teddy yang cute macam yuki :) eheheh sorry babe no proper celebration.. but it was glad to meet u~~ we watched the proposal which was awesome!!! *wink* and luckily the guys love 'em!! kan? :P there were moments were laughing like crazeee* me n chie siap terhantuk kepala k!! * chie nak tepuk my hand terpegang tgn rico and time tu mmg kelakar giler!!!! :P and there were also times where we cried :) mula2 sniff2 je pastu leleh abis nanges :P heheh sian lengan baju bf masing2 dibasahi air mata :P hahhaha. Eventho it happened in just a short time but i enjoyed spending time with korg~~ muahxxxx

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