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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i miss them~ T-T

I dunno why.. but lately i keep on thinking bout my old life as a student..It happened when i saw an old pic of me, sue n illa together wearing black cloth masa dinner together.. (by the way its my profile pic on facebook) I really miss that moment.. i miss my frenzz especially illa n sue who are always by my side 24hrs.. we did everything together.. like what they commented on fb.. illa said: "we gosip2..kuar 3org..g mane2 tiga org..ponteng kelas same2.." sue said : "we tgk movie sama2.if tgk wyg hantu,jerit sama2 then pg tandas sama2 sbb takut.makan biskut kering cicah teh O sama2.makan PAMA sama2(sebab ila akan bgn dan terus cari PAMA). Bangun pagi sama2.gosok baju sama2.b'siap p class sama2.tunggu bas sama2.buat egg sandwiches sama2......semua sama2! =(" and its like i lost part of me the moment i left UTM for good.. they will always be the best thing i've ever had as a fren.. We did quarrel sometimes or angry at each other but deep inside we love each other, we support each other thro ups n down.. illa n sue knew every single thing bout me, they know what i've been thro in life, they accept me as who i am.. I am so thankful to have both of u in my life.. i wish i can spend more time with u guurls.. 3 yers is not enough hahhah now, sue is in sabah. She's so far away from me n illa.. ILLA, SUE thank u so much for being such a gud fren to me.. I'll cherish every moment of us together forever~!! FRENZ 4EVA XOXO


aiko kato said...

miss illa n sue jugak!!!da la ari tuh..xdpt jupe illa....sobss.sobss..

eika said...

i sgt2 rindu~ sampai i nanges~!!