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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 14, 2009

meet the gurlz~ :)

the gurlz @ sushi king :)

the gurlz @ steven's corner afta the movie :P

with my sweet nana (first time jumpa tau!! )

my fave sushi ever!!

with our krispy creme recommended by chie babe~

me n my foods~!! yummy!

Last saturday was a blast!! I went to meet my gurlz~ (tiha, chie n nana). I went with Tiha and federal was fucking jammed!! Luckily she was driving .. Only if i WAS driving~!! sure cilok abis!! hahaha we were in the car for like 1 hour!! haihhhh.. Me n tiha rushed to SUSHI KING to make reservation but they wont let us book any place (unfair la konon) so dengan kecewanya we go n buy tickets for our movie~ we ended up tgk THE UGLY TRUTH :). Then, meet up with chie n nana at the movie.. punya lah excited masing2 tak pandang kiri kanan dah~! hahah after that we go jalan2 konon nk shop but i cant find the heels that i want so bad :(. We went to ZARA and i want the purple long sleeve shirt that chie said so lawa~!! but pikir2 tamau lak.. I tried posie tint at benefit n i was like "shud i buy??" no... dont!! hahaha. Then, Ash ( nana's bf & chie's bestfren) came n join us.. we went to sushi around 5!! can u believe it?? just to make sure we got the place!! hahahah while waiting.. me, chie n tiha decided to go n buy krispy creme since everybody was talking bout how good the original glazed was.. we went to jusco to buy onigiri and mooncake also!! (org puasa nafsu melampau ;p). After iftar we went for our movie n it was damn funny n sweet!! hahahah i cried~!! duhhh i kan ratu air mata ;pthen, we lepak at steven's until around 12 then balik~ I had a lot of fun that day~ n looking forward for the next hangout with the girls!! LOVE U GURLZZZ XOXO


aiko kato said...

love u too dear...nk krispy kreme!!!!huhu~

JakeNaL said...

Sake sushi lagi sedap... gua ckp same lu:) huhuhuh

eika said...

tiha: i want oso!! huhuhu iwant it so bad~!!
jenal: owh yeah? my fren pown ada kata.. nak try ah nnti!! ^_^

RockChic said...

omg~u nanges eika~hahahaha....
glad to meet u dear...nnt raye jmp lgi...hehe

eika said...

now zanmaithe besh!