Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my bday :)

the cards layout :) so sweet~~

i love u too sayang ;p

mom's present

sayang's present
terharu ;p lol~

sayang kelaparan~

the foods~ yummy

last week, 3rd sept was my 24th bday~ hheheeh well at first i didnt enjoy being old.. i cried everytime i am a year older~ hahah pelik kan? i went out for iftar with my family.. mom gave me new perfume (be delicious blossom) and belanja makan, dad oso gave me rm *** hahah to shop~ blanje makan gak thanks papa.. and adik wish all the way from malacca and he promised nak bg belated bday present later :) (dah order pown)..no cakes.. i yang tak nak hahaha terasa tua~~ hahah just a simple celebration pown dah ok plus my bro wasnt around and i dun feel like celebrate it without him (been celebrate my bday with him selama ni). Thanks to all my frenz for all the wishes either from phone call, sms, email or facebook :) shayanngg korg!! on 5th September, i went out to midval to celebrat my bday with my sayang, en.rico :) he asked me out properly and gave me surprises~ he brought me to chilli's for dinner and he gave me purse from guess which is my fave~ thanks sayang :) again no cakes as we are too full to eat dessert ;p lol~ eventho we had some fight and misunderstood on the day and before my bday, after all i know he loves me.. that is all that matter~ :) Love u sayang ;p


aiko kato said...

waa..sgt aktif nmpk!!!!hehehe~

miss pumpkin (reen) said...

so sweet...=)

eika said...

tha: baru nak aktif.. heheh
reen: ^_^ thanks reen cuk~

RockChic said...

hey eika...nana here...dh follow dh blog u...hehe..bestnyer u mkn ngan rico~