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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, January 7, 2010

emotionally unstable

omg~!! it has been awhile since i wrote my last entry.. well, kinda bz with life that sumtimes sucks~!! hahah lately i am very emotionally unstable.. i used to be a girl who loveee to cry, very weak, cant stand up for myself, lembut hati.. but then as time goes by im trying my best to be stronger, no more A LOT of crying ( which i used to do a lot before) and stand up for myself more. But lately i thik the strength are fading day by day.. i dunno why.. i feel like crying but i cant! thus it hurt me nbadly inside coz i cant let it out.. i feel like a loser, stupid and weak girl~. Lately a lot of things happen in my life.. i have been happy for a while with life after 10 yers of suffering with hurting and tears (only god n some of my closest frens knw why). I actually felt happy this past 1 yers.. but now things started to happen n the happiness are fading and i feel like im gonna loose it~. Everyday, i put smile in my face, i laugh and be happy but nobody knw that i am crying inside.. i just wish that things will get better with life... luckily i have my mom, brother, my love and my frens who always be by my side ..


aiko kato said...

be strong syg..u know u have us!!love u babe!!!
sila la wat twitter!!huuu~

aKu NaKaL said...

welcome to bloggers x)~