Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inilah Cinta

Terpegun ku melihat kamu
Bergetar hatiku memandang mu
Dan terus datang mencuba
Adakah khayalku menjadi nyata

Oh resah hati gelisah
Ku takut tak diterima
Rupanya kau juga sama
Seperti aku merasa cinta

Mungkin inikah yang dinamakan cinta
Hati gembira rasa bila kau kata cinta
Siang yang suram kini menjadi ceria
Hati yang gelisah akhirnya kini menjadi bahagia

Oh resah hati gelisah
Ku takut tak diterima
Rupanya kau juga sama
Seperti aku yang merasakan cinta

Sungguh susahnya aku mendekati mu
Mengambil kesempatan untuk tunjukkan cintaku
Rasa bahagia bila kau menerimaku
Indah semuanya hilang semua resahku
Kita berdua kini menjalin cinta
Inilah cinta kita
Akhirnya kini menjadi bahagia

Inilah cintaku
Inilah sayangku
Inilah cinta

hand bouquet~

skarang tgh giler cari hand bouquet~ huhuhu mcm2 design.. pilihan antara roses/ lily.. hmmm mari cuci mata~

arghh!!! lawanyaaaa i want!! i want! >.<

Thursday, April 22, 2010


E-day is coming.. There is only 2 month only for me to prepare all things for the e-day~ Thanks to papa for the sponsorship; p . I am still looking for hantaran and gubahan~ . I am not that creative to gubah myself~ too bad..

The theme is silver pinkish~ my hantaran would be silver pinkish and my soon-to-be fiancĂ©’s hantaran for me will be in turquoise~

something like this OMG~ suke!!

cred pic by whenheproposedisaidyes.blogspot.com

this is by theweddingheaven.blogspot.com

We already booked engagement package from Zaifie Zainal Creation which consist of:

1. Mini Pelamin
2. Make-Up
3. Engagement Dress ( we tukar with baju lelaki coz I bought kain already for mine)
4. Accessories (Veil etc)
5. Hand Bouquet (Artificial- Fresh flowers add rm 150)

The package cost me RM 1200. Been eyeing zaifie’s work since ages~!! It’s a dream come true to have her doing the dias for my e-day~ *weeee*

simpicity-sweet~ (one of my fave)

My all time fave. Sayang's fave too!
This is how my e-day's pelamin >.<>

As for my engagement dress, still pending~ will update bout it soon~


Officially Booked *weee*

The Girl With The Ring :)

My Love ^_^

The Family~

11th April 2010
I am officially booked
By En. Sayang aka Rico aka Mohd Syamsul Anwar
11.30 am- The Arrival
12.00 noon- The Discussion
12.30 noon- The moment ^_^
1.00-2.00 pm- Lunch
Coming Soon... Engagement Day : 31st July 2010 (Sayang's Bday)


kasihnya ibu, membawa ke syurga

teddies :)

Been busy lately.. so I update sket2.. Last 2 weeks i was hospitalized after non-stop vomitting for almost 2 days!! i was damn weak.. I cudnt even drink plain water!! At first, we thought i will be okay after we went to clinic and goy injection to control the vomit.. BUT right after that when i was in the car odw back I AM still vomit! I was like?????? WTF!!! the ubat didnt even work!! hmmm then malam tu still vomit non-stop.. so, my mom brought me to Salam Medical Centre n I was admit immediately!! Too bad for me, i was supposed have a date with sayang's n his family to I-City (n_n) but too bad i was admit... the next day, blood was taken to check whether its a denggi and too bad my platlet decrease and at the same time Dr found out the size of my red blood cell was way too smal tha the normal. Dr said it either Talasemia or Iron Deficiency~ haihhhh :( sayang came to see me rite after work :)... more blood was taken!! sakit!!!! :(
next morning, sayang came with lil yasmin.. hehehhe terhibur sket, tangkap2 gambar gelak2 :)then, i ask dr to go back.. dr still hesistate to let me go so, he gave me 5 days antibiotic and that means the needle have to stay for another 5 days~ haihhhh.. soooooooo hari2 ulang alik masuk antibiotic!! after 5 days , resultnya: NO IRON DEFICIENCY so i kne cek for TALASEMIA!! :( kalau ada pun only as carrier.. huhu hopefully takde pape :(