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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 22, 2010


E-day is coming.. There is only 2 month only for me to prepare all things for the e-day~ Thanks to papa for the sponsorship; p . I am still looking for hantaran and gubahan~ . I am not that creative to gubah myself~ too bad..

The theme is silver pinkish~ my hantaran would be silver pinkish and my soon-to-be fiancĂ©’s hantaran for me will be in turquoise~

something like this OMG~ suke!!

cred pic by whenheproposedisaidyes.blogspot.com

this is by theweddingheaven.blogspot.com

We already booked engagement package from Zaifie Zainal Creation which consist of:

1. Mini Pelamin
2. Make-Up
3. Engagement Dress ( we tukar with baju lelaki coz I bought kain already for mine)
4. Accessories (Veil etc)
5. Hand Bouquet (Artificial- Fresh flowers add rm 150)

The package cost me RM 1200. Been eyeing zaifie’s work since ages~!! It’s a dream come true to have her doing the dias for my e-day~ *weeee*

simpicity-sweet~ (one of my fave)

My all time fave. Sayang's fave too!
This is how my e-day's pelamin >.<>

As for my engagement dress, still pending~ will update bout it soon~


fLoRanCe said...

wahhhh..cant wait to u on the e-day eika..mesti santek~~~

fLoRanCe said...

*see u

aiko kato said...

uishh...like i told u b4..nk shopping hantaran..jgn lupa ajak..hee~