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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Its been a while since i did reviews on my wedding.. Looking back at all the photos reminds me how lucky i am to have a group of friends who actually plan and run the wedding for you!

I am an eldest in the family and only have a lil brother. So can u imagine planning the whole wedding on your own and you have to make sure everything is in place? It will definitely be a total disaster! i dun have that much money to hire a wedding planner thus i dont have a choice but to seek for help among my friends.

Being the only daughter in the family, and the first event they have to run,mom and dad want everything went perfectly and without any pengalaman, I have to lead everything. Dad n mom leave it to me to choose what i want but must have their approval first of course. Every single thing i cari, and deal with PIC except caterer n dewan i buat half of it the rest mom n dad did.

AND! LUCKY ME! I have a group of friends who actually my bridesmaid, that i can count on! without them, i would say i WONT BE HAVING my dream wedding! i called them THE GEDZ! :) They are nAD,Cyrus, Illa, Sue Thien (my pengapit), Hana and Tiha. oh tak dilupakan juga my beloved cousin yang stay with me a few days helping me on the DIY and also in charge of the wedding! and also illa's hubby Sam

we met a few times (different2 person, sometime not all of them ada at one time) talks about the wedding, changing ideas etc. my supagedz aka nad even help me out at Jakel time pilih kain :) and weeks before wedding i met up with them and we talked about the whole planning and who in charge on what.

The day before the event, GEDZ stay with me waiting patiently until 3AM untuk tunggu org siapkan pelamin, angkat doorgift and buat bridesmaid flowers. and on the day itself, they run the whole event by themselves! i totally put trust in them! i didnt even knw what's happening at the dewan! And surprisingly, my fussy dad ikut everything they said! heheh see how good they are!

Alhamdulillah everything went well sampai majlis tamat! and of course when they gave their speech, i cried! LOL


Thank you so much for everything. You guys are the best friend i've ever had. You guys make my wedding dream comes true! Love korang! XOXO

During their speech :)

And of course being me.. I CRIED! LOL



namasayatihah said...

alololo...no problems sygs...am happy tp b there for u...we had fun on that day!!!

Naya's Mum said...

i love you more Eika.... *hugs* i miss you even more now.... :(

sitiaminahismail said...

no prob cousin! love you more! :)